Governors of California and Hawaii Vetoed Affiliate Tax Bills

Wednesday afternoon good news came from both Hawaii, and California:

Good News from Hawaii:

Governor Linda Lingle “vetoed HB 1405 because this legislation has immediate and adverse consequences for residents and businesses of Hawai’i. This legislation would place Hawai’i companies at a competitive disadvantage. As a consequence of this bill, Hawai’i businesses would no longer be able to receive commissions for advertisements on their website that link to numerous national and international firms that offer goods and services to Hawai’i residents” [more here | underlining mine].

Good News from California:

Governor Schwarzenegger believes that introducing such taxes to solve our state’s budget deficit is unacceptable. He announced: “After passing the largest tax increase in California history, it makes absolutely no sense to go back to the taxpayers to solve the current shortfall — that’s why yesterday I vetoed the majority vote tax increase passed by the legislature. With unemployment at an all time high, we should be doing everything we can to — keep jobs and create jobs — in California” [source | underlining mine]

Congratulations to Hawaii and California affiliates!!

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