Interview with UK-based e-Commerce Consultancy

Jan Petrovic of has interviewed me yesterday.

In the course of the interview Jan has asked a number of very good questions that led me to describe my path to becoming an affiliate marketing consultant, my clients and successes, my books, and more specific questions related to affiliate program management. Here’s just one of them:

Jan: What affiliate networks would you recommend for start-ups (retailers and software vendors) with not much money but with big aspirations, and what affiliate networks for those with the money?

Geno: While shopping around and comparing affiliate networks [North American readers can start here], it should never be just the question of investment required to be made in order to start an affiliate program. The answer will always  depend on (i) the country predominantly targeted by the merchant, (ii) the specifics of the merchant’s niche (there are networks just for software vendors, and there are those for e-tailers with large data feeds, there are wedding-centered affiliate networks, etc), (iii) how closely the affiliate program will be managed, and other factors. In North America I would recommend to choose between AvantLink, and ShareASale (in alphabetical order only), while in the UK — between PaidOnResults and…

Read the full 1,500+ words interview by following this link.

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