On Leadership, Motivation, Future of Affiliate Marketing, etc

I have been interviewed by Avangate, the Netherlands-headquartered IT solutions company that also runs an affiliate network for software vendors. Cristian of Avangate asked some interesting and thought-provoking questions, on topics that ranged from how I came into affiliate marketing to the future of affiliate marketing, from techniques of how to best handle communication with affiliates to what makes a manager a good leader and motivator.

Here’s a quick excerpt from our conversation with Avangate:

Cristian Miculi: You wrote a very interesting post about the differences between management and leadership. What does it take to be an affiliate leader (not only manager)?

Geno Prussakov: The full answer to your question would take a book. If, however, I were to narrow things down to, say, three essential steps to becoming a true affiliate leader, they would be: (1) stop managing, (2) start listening, and (3) stand up for your values. Yes, affiliate program managers need to understand that management is not for affiliates. They can manage an affiliate program, but when it comes to affiliates, they should be sensitive and open-minded leaders. Additionally, many affiliate program managers are talking at their affiliates, but never bother to really listen, and respond to them. And, finally, it is sad but true — some affiliate program managers live by low ethical standards, which eventually hinder the development of the industry in the right direction.

The full interview may be viewed here.

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