Twitter and How Businesses Can Use It

Twitter bird through kids eyes A few days ago I have blogged about the types of social media to use in marketing, and among the 17 types I’ve listed, there was microblogging. While there are services like,,, and other, Twitter remains to be the most popular among all.

Even our children are drawing pictures of the Twitter bird. Well, at least mine does (you may see her today’s little drawing on the left)…

So, how can you use Twitter to enhance your marketing and sales? Yesterday has published an article on how businesses can use (and are already using) Twitter. Forbes has put together a list of 21 things to use microblogging for. Most of these are directly related to marketing and sales. Here’s the list:

  1. Coupon Campaigns
  2. To-Go Sales Channel
  3. Viral Marketing
  4. “Conversational” Marketing
  5. Artful Customer Service
  6. Focus Groups
  7. Direct Sales
  8. Poaching Customers
  9. News Feeds
  10. Customer Expectation Management
  11. Targeted Content
  12. Mobile Marketing
  13. Corralling Eyeballs
  14. Call for Change
  15. Vendor Selection
  16. Conflict Resolution
  17. Internal Communication
  18. Employee Recruitment
  19. “Tweet-Ups”
  20. Research
  21. Raising Capital

Great observations. The full article may be found here: Twenty-One Top Twitter Tips.

4 thoughts on “Twitter and How Businesses Can Use It”

  1. Good post Geno! We have tried using Twitter as a way to share information and updates with our Affiliates, and it has been, for the most part, successful. It also gives us an opportunity to share information that we find interesting! I think the first company I personally took note of using Twitter was actually Starbucks! And from there we decided to get involved. I am disappointing with all the ‘spam’ accounts that are currently popping up!

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