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Free Affiliate Software Many people come to my blog searching for “free affiliate tracking software”. There are a number of free (and inexpensive) scripts that merchants can install on their server to start an affiliate program. Here’s just a brief list:

Additionally, some shopping carts offer free affiliate program plug-ins. See a list in the second half of this post of mine.

Finally, there is also a number of affiliate and CPA networks that charge merchants no setup fee for joining them. These are:

I would caution affiliate program managers and merchants from using anything that is marketed as a free product. I personally have never tried any of the above (so, in no way does this post constitute any kind of endorsement), and one of my favourite sayings — which comes from Benjamin Franklin — goes like this: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” No, don’t take this as any kind of conclusion. Just be cautious, and do a thorough due diligence prior to starting using any of the free affiliate tracking solutions.

4 thoughts on “Free Affiliate Tracking Software”

  1. Interesting affiliate software is e.g. Post Affiliate Pro
    They have free hosted accounts as well
    Maybe it will help to other visitors

  2. What are the advantages of these software against the built-in tracking system of affiliate program, ie clickbank. You can easily track your sales there?

  3. Berger, not speaking of the free software in particular, but comparing affiliate marketing software like the above-mentioned Post Affiliate Pro [by the way, this interview may be of interest to you too] to affiliate networks, there are pros on both sides. E.g.: money saved on network transaction fees by merchants who run in-house programs can be passed on to affiliates in higher commissions; while, on the other hand, in case with affiliate networks (ClickBank, CJ, LinkShare, ShareASale, etc) affiliates enjoy the convenience of aggregated payments, unified tracking across multiple merchants, a level of security, etc.

    See also these two articles:

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    * Do Affiliates Prefer Network-Based or In-House Affiliate Programs?

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