74% of Merchants Do Not Have Landing Pages

Back in March I posted my 5 recommendations on how to make killer landing pages.

In July I showed 5 examples of well-put landing pages.

Today I have conducted an analysis of specific affiliate campaigns (coupons, promos, featured products/services and product lines) run by 50 Commission Junction, LinkShare, and Google Affiliate Network advertisers randomly selected from the Internet Retailer Top 500 list. Here is what I see as far as locations of landing pages for these campaigns go:

Affiliate Traffic Landing Destinations

Affiliate Traffic Landing Destinations

Just think about it: 74% of analyzed merchants do not have dedicated landing pages for campaigns as dependent on them for conversion as the above-listed ones! And these are some of the top brands we all know. I wouldn’t be surprised if the statistics for smaller merchants is even less optimistic.

Is also worth mentioning that in many instances, to find the product line (or promo) I’d have to spend much longer  than 8 seconds [good PDF report on it] looking around the website. Many online customers won’t.

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