Do Affiliate Program Managers Open Emails?

In a reply to my recent “Most Affiliate Newsletters Never Get Opened” post a super affiliate and good friend of mine, Mike Allen, posted:

I know affiliate managers likewise don’t read all the email messages they receive from affiliates. And I have the numbers to prove it.

I thought: “I’ll bite!” And sure enough, Mike did have some interesting numbers to share with me. While corresponding with multitudes of affiliate program managers he has observed the following situation (in regards to how managers treat the message receive):

Email Open Rates - Affiliate Program Managers

Staggering, isn’t it? Sounds like the customer service issue (or the ability to really hear your partner out; be it an affiliate, an affiliate manager, or anyone else who is in this business with you) may be tied to this as well, at least to an extent.

3 thoughts on “Do Affiliate Program Managers Open Emails?”

  1. I have to agree that not opening email from any affiliate or potential affiliate is bad for your business. As an affiliate manager, I would never think of not reading an email or responding to one either. Sometimes a 10 second reply with a simple “Thank You” can bring the best results.

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