Pinnacle Awards 2010 Announced at Affiliate Summit

Just a couple of hours ago, the 2010 Pinnacle Awards have been handed to the winners at Affiliate Summit West 2010. And the winners are:

  • Affiliate of the Year – Nicholas Koscianski
  • Affiliate Manager of the Year – Matt McWilliams
  • Exceptional Merchant – eBay Partner Network
  • Affiliate Marketing Advocate – Angel Djambazov
  • Best Blogger – Jeremy Schoemaker
  • Affiliate Marketing Legend – Scott Jangro

Congratulations to all the winners (especially warm ones to my friends: Matt McWilliams, Angel Djambazov, and Scott Jangro — well-deserved, gentlemen!!) It was privilege to be among the finalists.

4 thoughts on “Pinnacle Awards 2010 Announced at Affiliate Summit”

  1. Thank you Geno. Sorry that you didn’t win, tough competition. Keep up the great blogging, please!

    (btw, psst I’m right behind you in the coupon panel.

  2. @Scott: You got me. 🙂

    …and thank you for your kind words about my blogging. I do intend to keep on going. It was certainly good being noticed, nominated, and making the top 3 list, but this was certainly in no way connected with the driving force behind why I’m doing what I’m doing… By the way I’m just 15 days away until I reach the 400th day of my non-stop at-least-a-post-a-day marathon. Yay.

    @Matt: Congratulations again, and it is especially flattering to know that some of my thoughts are helping you in your day-to-day success with the Legacy’s program.

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