Loyalty Programs and Affiliate Marketing

Not too long ago I’ve blogged about the bright near future for coupon affiliates. It seems that loyalty affiliates have a future as well, and certain strategic factors will make (or are already making) some of them significantly more competitive than others.

For instance — according to the data from a CMO Council study entitled “Leading Loyalty: Feeling the Love from the Loyalty Clubs” provided to eMarteter on January 25 and published today — over 50% of Internet users strongly prefer loyalty programs that provide personally relevant offers. Common sense, isn’t it? You’d think… But not all loyalty affiliates are taking advantage of the opportunity to customize, and truly target their offers.

Here is a detailed breakdown of how popular various factors that encourage U.S. web users to join loyalty programs are (highlighting mine):

Why Internet users participate in loyalty programs

Savings and personalization seem to be the keys to success, and these certainly remind me of that earlier-quoted coupon affiliates post. The secret to success of the best couponers I know is precisely in developing their own intricate blend of these two components that make customer stick, click and buy.

Once again, the full eMarketer’s post on the topic may be found here.

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