Online Guide to Affiliate Marketing [for Merchants]

Based on all of the writing I have done (online and offline) over the past four years, I have compiled an online guide to affiliate marketing for merchants/advertisers. It is structured both according to the most frequently asked, and the most important questions you should know the answers to. At the time of initial posting the Guide contains answers to 50 questions [edit: 73 as of 09/23/2010], but I will be expanding it as time goes.

I hope you will find the below information of help, and please do not hesitate to leave your feedback about the Guide in the comments area under this post.

Online Guide to Affiliate Marketing
How to Start and Run an Affiliate Program

Introductory Considerations

Setting an Affiliate Program Up

Banners, Creatives, Data Feeds, Landing Pages

When the Affiliate Program is Live

24 thoughts on “Online Guide to Affiliate Marketing [for Merchants]”

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  2. WOW Geno.

    This is an absolutely great resource for newbies and veterans alike.

    I know I mentioned it to you before…or maybe it was another AM, but I read your book once a year, usually during the summer as a refresher. Of course, each time, I learn less, but each time I pick up on at least 2-3 things I either missed or did not understand fully the first time.

    I have suggested the same to many people. If nothing else I encourage them to keep a copy on their desk and read 4-5 pages a week throughout the year.

    Very well done Geno!

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  4. You’re most welcome, Mary. Glad to be of help.

    The above list of questions (and answers) is being expanded on an ongoing basis too. So, check back often. πŸ˜‰

      1. Good luck, Sean. I, actually, have two affiliate management books out there — one (A Practical Guide to Affiliate Marketing) could use a revision, but is still 90% valid; while another one (Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day) has come our just about a year ago. Whichever one you’ve purchased, make sure you grab the other one too. There’s very little overlap between the two.

  5. What a powerful guide to your archive, and Affiliate marketing! Very impressive and I plan to refer anyone who can benefit from it. Gary M

  6. Just expanded my Guide further. With this update it has gone from 61 to 68 questions answered; and now contains links to a total of 79 articles of mine.

  7. Hi Geno

    This is just what I want.
    I am a small manufacturer that needs to get my physical product out there, and I need to get some affiliates sending sales to me.

    Can’t wait to read all of this!


  8. I just stumbled on Pandora’s Box. Thanks!

    there may be one questions up there that addresses this, I haven’t had a chance to read yet..

    What would your reaction be to a skincare/wellness merchant that steadily got to 102 affiliates in a month, but only 5 are “active”. They have approx. 40 products, offer a datafeed, handful of banners, several text ads, a video and coupon – free shipping…

    1. Jenn, it depends what your question is about this situation. If you’re wondering if this is “normal”, it is. While some talk about the applicability of Pareto principle in affiliate marketing (i.e. that 20% of affiliates are doing 80% of work), the more frequent situation is that 5% to 10% of affiliates in a program are doing 100% of work. If (a) your affiliate program is competitive, (b) have a look at the articles on affiliate motivation I’ve written here.

      If you want to concretize the question, I’m also open.

  9. Great article Geno. The company I work for is starting an affiliate program soon which I will be heading so this really helps me out a lot. Thanks for all the info.

  10. This index/contents page is absolute gold-dust, Geno!

    …You need to make it much much easier to navigate to!!

    I closed it last night and have spent 30 minutes trying to find it again (as I was only halfway through the list).

    Kind Regards,

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