Is Twitter a Better Marketing Tool than Social Networks?

Earlier this Spring a study by Arbitron and Edison Research revealed that close to half of Americans (48%, to be exact) have profiles on social networks, which actually is exactly double the level from two years ago [more here].

However, a more recent research conducted and published by the same two companies has shown that when comparing consumer behavior and intentions on Twitter versus social networks, we see that over half (51%) of those on Twitter follow companies/brands, while on Social Networks this percentage is only 16%:

Twitter versus Social Networks

Moreover, a vast number of Twitter users utilize it to “learn about products/services”, “look for discounts/sales”, and “purchase products/services”:

What do people use Twitter for?

Eye-opening, isn’t it? No wonder why LinkShare offers its affiliates a #TweetShop tool, while more and more merchants start experimenting with “Tweet this” type buttons. Are you (as an affiliate, or merchant) active on Twitter yet?

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1 thought on “Is Twitter a Better Marketing Tool than Social Networks?”

  1. I am sure that Twitter has not said its last word.
    This network is still being discovered in another countries, nowadays.
    I wonder what will happen if my Tweets will be automatically translated into many languages.
    I could book a villa in Spain just from its owner. No middleman or agent .
    Lovely Idea, isn’t it?

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