Holiday-Focused Affiliate Marketing

Last week I was reviewing the yearly stats of one of my sites, and was once again struck by how seasonal the interest in some niches can be. Here’s a very illustrative chart of that particular site’s visits:

Seasonal website traffic increase

My December 2009 Holiday Niches or How to Make Annual Salary in One Month post immediately came to mind, which I decided to tweet. It was quickly picked up by a few affiliate marketers, and retweeted instantly:

Annual Salary in a Month on Holiday-Focused Traffic

Please don’t get me wrong. I am 100% against portraying affiliate marketing as “easy money” or a get-rick-quick scheme, and this is not what I’m getting at here. The idea behind what I’m saying is actually pretty simple, yet few affiliate marketers are employing it in a quality way — by adding real value for the end consumer in putting together niche- and holiday-focused websites.

There may not be enough time to get your holiday-specific websites up and running for the 2010 Father’s Day in the US, Canada and the UK (June 20 this year), but there still is time for the Australian/New Zealand Father’s Day (September 5), and moreover there is plenty of time to put together quality (I mean real quality, and not just snatched domain names with a few quickly-thrown-in affiliate links) websites for the upcoming celebrations of Halloween (October 31), Thanksgiving (November 25) and Christmas (December 25), as well as such retail milestones as the Back-to-School season (most of August), Black Friday (November 26), and Cyber Monday (November 29). So, don’t wait!! Grab a good domain name, and stard working on it! There is real money to be earned during those specific/focused sales seasons, and you can still take your bite off that pie.

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