Unceasing Demand – Fertile Soil for Get Rich Quick Schemes

Literally millions of people worldwide are looking for ways to “get rich quick”, and many of them are tying this either to the Internet or to work from home:

Demand for get rich quick schemes

This never-ceasing demand (often coupled with opportunities like these) breeds more and more get-rich-quick schemes which promise you too-good-to-be-true monthly (or even daily) earnings. One of such “gurus” has just applied into an affiliate program I manage. Here’s a screenshot of his website (after I decided to leave it):

Example of a get-rich-quick scheme

So, let me get it straight: you know a “shocking underground method” that can make one some $26,000 in one day?

Two questions:

  1. Why are you selling this killer method for only $27.00 then?
  2. Why is your affiliate network EPC (metric for average earnings per 100 clicks) is $0.00 over 3 months?

It seems that just the demand for losing weight fast, the demand for get-rick-quick methods will never cease… This is sad. People are simply wasting their time (and money) that could’ve been spent much smarter.

Some time ago, a fellow affiliate marketer, Daniel M. Clark, put together a genius humorous page on the topic. Enjoy it at EarnAMillionADay.com, and stay away from anyone who promises to make you a millionaire overnight. Value your time, money, and energy! Spend it wisely.

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