10 Email Marketing Experts to Follow on Twitter

Email marketing experts on TwitterIt’s Friday again, and in the best traditions of Twitter’s #FollowFriday list sharing, today I’d like to turn to email marketers.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I now bring you a list of 10 email marketing experts and/or companies/projects to follow on Twitter (bios taken from whatever each of them listed on their Twitter profile):

  1. Chad WhiteTracker of retail email trends and tactics. Research director at Smith-Harmon, a Responsys Company, an email marketing strategy and creative services agency.
  2. Stephanie MillerEmail marketer by day, NYC explorer by night.
  3. Mark BrownlowWriter, blogger, observer. Owner of the Email Marketing Reports website which provides advice and resources on the topic.
  4. Greg CangialosiCEO of Blue Sky Factory, a leading email marketing service provider. Husband. Father. Lover of music and travel.
  5. Loren McDonaldSpeaker/columnist on email marketing, social media, engagement marketing; VP at Silverpop.
  6. Scott HardigreeFounder of Indiemark (an email marketing agency), family man, wannabe do-gooder.
  7. ReturnPath — Tweets on email marketing, email deliverability, email reach, email response, email reputation, sender score, and more.
  8. Simms JenkinsCEO of BrightWave Marketing, an award-winning email marketing & digital targeted messaging agency, and the author of The Truth About Email Marketing.
  9. Email Experience — Official Twitter account of the Email Experience Council, the world’s largest community driven organization, celebrating the best in email marketing.
  10. TheeMailGuideEmail marketers and technology gurus, working hard to make a difference when it comes to buying email solutions. Managed by Jeff Ginsberg and Jim Ducharme.

If you think I’ve missed someone I should have listed, please post about them below (in the “Comments” area).


19 thoughts on “10 Email Marketing Experts to Follow on Twitter”

  1. Hi Geno,

    Great list and I agree these are all excellent tweeple to follow!

    We are honoured to be mentioned among such an august assembly of email marketing experts! It’s really great to know that our passion for doing email and social marketing right is making a positive difference!

    I hope you’ll call in and participate when eMail Radio goes live on the air August 10th @ 1 PM EST! http://www.theemailguide.com/email-marketing/the-email-guide-launches-email-radio/


  2. @Jim: Thanks for chiming in. Glad you like the list. You deserve the inclusion.

    @Anita: Excellent additions. Thank you for those!

  3. I started researching this whole email marketing and newsletter space because of a couple of posts by Jason Baptiste (@jasonlbaptiste). He may not be a devoted email marketing expert but the posts on his blogs regarding email marketing are outstanding and insightful.

  4. @Mike: You’re most welcome. Glad you’ve found it of use. I know you (as many other affiliates) do emails, and regardless of stereotypes any marketer has a lot to master when it comes to email marketing.

    @Jay: Thank you for the suggestion, and for the compliment.

  5. Thanks so much for the great list. I just added a bunch of these folks to my Twitter lists and to my follow lists. Would love to also be on the list as @MessageSherpa.

    I run a new ESP called MessageSherpa that has a point-and-click interface, pulls in RSS feeds, YouTube videos, etc. automatically, and simply makes it as easy as possible to manage content for email newsletters and promotions. We like to call it an eCMS.

    In any case, I’d love to be added to the list, I just wanted to share my background first. 🙂

  6. Geno, this was a very helpful list! Although, my company is looking to hire an expert in the NYC area who can come to our office to provide some expert advice on email opening rates – would you be able to recommend anyone? Thanks!

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