Digital Marketer's Twitter 100+ Master List

100+ must-follow Twitter accountsOver the past two months I’ve been compiling publishing lists of Twitter users related to digital marketing. You have been commenting and adding your own suggestions (which have been highly appreciated!)

Today I have decided to collect all of this data into one master list (which now contains over 100 unique Twitter accounts:

Have fun studying the above list(s), and let me know what next area of digital marketing you want a list for! Just post about it in the comments area below, and I’ll work on it for you.

Also, if it so happened that I’ve left out your favorites, please post about them below too.

14 thoughts on “Digital Marketer's Twitter 100+ Master List”

  1. Such an outstanding list! Thanks so much. I shared it on Twitter today for #followFriday options, so I hope it generates lots of traffic for you.

    My best to you,

  2. Nice work! List building is tough and takes a ton of time, thanks for sharing. While I have many I’d like to see added, some of the most important are social media examiner (@jasonfalls) to social/pr, and convince and convert (@jaybaer) to your social list.

    For new lists, it would be nice to see:
    – email
    – content strategy
    – seo
    – sem

  3. Great list, lots of good tips for who to follow with subject matter expertise. I’d love to see a list of blogs for similar categories.

    One comment I have is that the analytics category feels a little weighted with web analytics. Analytics should be integrated offline and on to get a full picture. Some off line analytics experts should be thrown in the mix. Check out Fifth Gear Analytics for some multichannel marketing and analytics information.

  4. Thank you for all the comments, retweets and Facebook “likes”, everyone. These are very much appreciated.

    Separate thanks to Justin and Mike for their excellent suggestions on additions to the list.

    Keep your suggestions coming, folks!

  5. Hi Geno!

    I agree with Mike that @JayBaer is a great person to follow and should be included in the list for social/PR.

    I would also suggest @copywritermaven (Roberta Rosenberg from CopyBlogger) for your content list, and @chiefmartec (Scott Brinker) for your conversion optimization list

    …and just for a shameless plug, @ioninteractive is also a good one for conversion optimization (I manage that account!).

  6. It’s amazing how little these people/organization tweet some original thought. It’s more like a series of RTs and mindless product promotion. Social media gurus have said that Twitter is about conversation and connection. I see little reason to follow many of the accounts listed above.

  7. @Kristina and Sharon: Great suggestions. Thank you!

    @Ben: Interesting you should say that. I hand-picked each of them (at least the ones from my original lists), selecting precisely those that tweet “original thought”.

  8. Really appreciate you pulling this list together, Geno. It’s going to take a little time to sift through it, but I’m sure it will be worth it – fabulous resource!


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