Free Online Tools to Find Common Domain Misspellings

Whether you’re looking to safeguard your brand from typosquatters, or to use misspellings in your search engine optimization, tools to figure out the most common misspellings of your domain name make life easier.

However, good tools are seldomly free, and neither many of this particular type are available for in-browser use. There are a few good ones you will be asked to download and pay for, but today I’d like to share with you 3 online tools that are completely free. I was happy to find them, and think many of us can use them:

1) Keyword Typo Generator from [webpage]

Generates keywords and/or domains with wrong key typos, missed character misspellings, typos based on transposition errors (e.g.: “ehllo” instead of “hello”), and double character typos. Here are their typo suggestions for keyword “Travelocity”:

SelfSEO typos generator

2) Spelling Typo Generator from [webpage]

SEOBook’s tool offers can search for typos with skipped letter, double letters, reverse letters, skipped spaces, missed keys, and/or inserted keys. We’ve searched it for reverse letter typos of “Priceline” and received the following results:

SEOBook spelling typos tool

3) [website]

This service shows some 20 common misspellings for each domain name, and while misspelled domains is not exactly their main focus, this is a very good tool to incorporate in your research too. For example, their analysis/review of looks as follows (common misspellings of domain name circled):

Revoew's review of

Naturally, the first two tools can be also effectively used to generate mistyped keywords for PPC campaigns.

Have I missed any other good free online tools that exist out there?

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