Affiliate Networks, Give Us Mass Banner / Link Edit Function

Not too long ago I’ve given ShareASale credit for a convenient mass banner upload function for merchants. It is convenient, and makes complete sense, saving affiliate program managers a lot of time for more fun things (than banner upload) to do.

Just like the mass banner upload, I personally could really use a mass banner/link editing function. At this time, to perform a simple swap of landing page URLs across a number of banners encompasses a time-consuming procedure of opening each banner/link individually and manually changing that URL for each.

I’ve checked with the following 4 networks, and none of them have a mass edit function:

  • AvantLink
  • Commission Junction
  • Google Affiliate Network
  • ShareASale

Google Affiliate Network comes closest to it by giving merchants a “Select All” option (arrow #1 on below screenshot), but unfortunately, there is no “Edit” button to select, and you still have to edit each banner manually (arrow #2 below):

Google Affiliate Network - link management panel

C’mon, networks, we need this function! Give it to us, please!!

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