10 Affiliate Directories to Submit Your Program To

DirectoryBased on various polls and surveys, we can confidently state that around one-fifth of affiliates are using affiliate program directories to find programs to join [more in my Are Affiliate Program Directories Dying? and Effective Affiliate Recruitment Through Affiliates’ Eyes posts].

The only logical question to follow this data is:

What are the top affiliate program directories to submit my program information to?

Here’s a list I’m suggesting:

  1. AffiliatesDirectory.com
  2. AffiliateFirst.com
  3. AffiliatePrograms.com
  4. AffiliateRanker.com
  5. AffiliateScout.com
  6. AffiliateSeeking.com
  7. AllAffiliatePrograms.com
  8. AssociatePrograms.com
  9. JamAffiliates.com
  10. Top-Affiliate.com

Disclaimer: The above list is a merely alphabetical one, and should not be considered as a ranking or an endorsement of any kind.

If I have missed your favorite quality affiliate program directory, feel free to post about it in the “Comments” area below.

11 thoughts on “10 Affiliate Directories to Submit Your Program To”

  1. Out of that list, which are the creme de le creme (excuse my French spelling if that is wrong .. lol … but seriously, I will submit our affiliate program to all of them, but just curious as to see what kind of results others are getting.

    1. Crème de la crème… close, just missed those funky E’s 🙂

      I took the liberty to save you some time and add your “Seeds of the Month Club” affiliate program to http://www.AffiliateLister.com.

      Please take a look and let me know if anything needs to be updated.

      p.s. Really like your site – very clean.

  2. Geno, love the list and totally agree, more and more of our affiliates find niche offers using directories.

    For our network, it’s important to be listed. Something lots of programs and networks forget to do; make sure the directories (ones who support this) have access to your offer’s API feed.

    When networks pull on your offer API, they’ll be able to provide searchers specifics on the offers your program or network have.

  3. Thanks Geno for the list.

    Of course, this article was posted 10 years ago. A lot has changed in the affiliate marketing ecosystem.

    I am the founder of the Affiliate Program Database (APDB). It is a modern affiliate marketing directory. Unbiased information; reviews by experienced users; Q&A between affiliates & merchants.

    Good news for all affiliate managers reading this; it is free to add your program. We have some guidelines but most of the programs will qualify. To learn more: https://www.affiliateprogramdb.com/add-edit-your-program/

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