3 Worst Of Awards: Affiliate Application, Email & Blog Comment

Every day there are a number of routine tasks I have to perform. Among them: (i) review of affiliate applications, (ii) response to emails, and (iii) review of blog comments that have queued up in the moderation queue of this blog.

Every day among the good ones, there are also bad and silly ones. Today my cup has finally overflown, and I’ve decided to show some of these “masterpieces” to everyone.

And winners are…….. [drum roll here…….]

Category: Hopeless Affiliate Application

Hopeless affiliate application

Category: Ill-Researched Email Solicitation

I’m Anna C… at [company name]. I have read your article about email marketing on [URL of website I’ve never heard of, or written for] and found it quite informative and helpful.

From your article I know you are really an expert in email marketing tools (while, in reality, I am not at all!). At [company name], we also provide powerful and easy-to-use email marketing software for businesses. It’s highly appreciated if you can review our software and help us make it better.

Check it out at: [URL to their product]

Category: Meaningless Blog Comment

Yeah, the post in this blog is true and i thank you for the one who post this site because the researcher will have an idea and the post is so convincing. (spelling retained)

Got similar ones to share? Be my guest! You may do so in the “Comments” are below…

2 thoughts on “3 Worst Of Awards: Affiliate Application, Email & Blog Comment”

  1. I love the “Hopeless Affiliate Application” – I’ve seen a ton of these over the course of my career, as well. Sometimes we just have to shake our heads, at what motivates these folks. But hey, I guess we could give them E for Effort…

  2. You think I should, Liz?

    It certainly was one of the funnier affiliate applications I have ever seen. Maybe an E for Entertainment would be more appropriate though. 🙂

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