Visualization of Popular Search Key Phrases or Web Seer Fun

Earlier this week, while listening to David Szetela’s and Brad Geddes’ How Adwords will be Affected by Google Instant podcast I’ve learned about a cool tool which lets you compare Google Suggest results — Web Seer. As we know, it is precisely Google Suggest (with its autocomplete function) that is at the core of Google Instant‘s idea. So, it was good to learn about this tool from Brad’s talk with David.

Today I’ve played a bit with it, and here are just a few of the interesting visualizations (of what people search for) I’ve been able to retrieve:

Affiliate M…

affiliate m...

Affiliate Marketing vs Affiliate Management

affiliate marketing vs affiliate management

Affiliate Program vs Affiliate Network

affiliate program vs affiliate network

Commission Junction vs LinkShare

Commission Junction vs LinkShare

Google Affiliate Network vs ShareASale

Google Affiliate Network vs ShareASale

Some of the above results are interesting, others — logical, and some — rather surprising. But I’ve refrained from highlighting any, and will let you make your own conclusions. Either way, this is a very good tool to have access to.

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