3 Crucial Affiliate Application Components for Membership Sites

This is not the first time it is happening with me. So, I’ve decided to blog about it.

Every once in a while, I get an affiliate application in, which does have a URL of the website (good thing), but when I try to review the website, I get a page that asks for login details to be entered before I can even view it:

Authorization required to enter website

When I click “OK”, it brings up the login pop-up again; when I hit “Cancel”, I see:

401 Authorization Required

No, I fully understand that some businesses distribute offers on membership basis, and as long as the affiliate isn’t involved in anything unacceptable to my affiliate program’s Terms and Conditions, that is all normally fine with me. However, if you, as an affiliate run a website like this, and apply to affiliate programs, I believe there are 3 essential things you want to correct in the above setup:

1. Have at least some kind of a homepage to the website (it just looks too suspicious when upon going to your main URL, I get that pop-up).

2. Withing your application, or in the specifically-designated area in your affiliate profile, describe what exactly it is that you’re doing.

3. If a login is required to experience your website at its full capacity, provide it to the affiliate program manager — at least for demo type access.

On a separate note, it is worth underscoring that the first two points will work well for pretty much any affiliate application, and the second one would be especially important for the ones where the first point doesn’t automatically address the second.

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