Affiliate Network Software or Marketing Multiple Programs

A question came in from a person who is contemplating starting his own affiliate network:

questionI am interested in starting my own Affiliate Network…  Having said this I do have a question for you.  On your page “Affiliate Program Software – Options to Consider” you list many platforms and recommend none.

Traditionally, are the more comprehensive of these programs capable of handling affiliate programs for multiple companies?

I try to stay away from recommending things I haven’t personally tried. That is why there were no recommendations in that particular post. Having said this, your question also has the answer in it — the more comprehensive of the platforms I’ve mentioned are indeed capable of handling multiple affiliate programs within one platform.

The two affiliate network software platforms that I have heard particularly good things about are HasOffers (as far as I understand, all of their options support multiple advertisers on the same platform), and Post Affiliate Network (a software by QualityUnit which positions itself precisely as an affiliate network software).

If any of my readers have experience with other affiliate network software solutions, I’d love to hear about it in the “Comments” are below. Many thanks in advance.

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  1. Radu, I thought you’re an affiliate network, not a developer/vendor of affiliate network software. Your link doesn’t talk about software either.

  2. Hey Geno,

    The vendor homepage is I wanted to share the demo.

    Though we discovered it’s hard to make disruptive things being a vendor. Most times you don’t have direct contact with advertisers so you can tell them how they can help affiliates convert better and so on.

    So we are planning on launching some really cool mini-services based on 2Performant. They will be a perfect complement to the current networks out there right now. The first one which we hope to launch soon is Graffly (

  3. Radu, do you provide affiliate program software which your clients could purchase to build their own affiliate networks (with multiple merchants on the network)?

  4. Jeff, I’ve just reread Radu’s comments and haven’t found any mention of Zferral in them. Not sure what you mean there.

    Having said this, and having had a look at your system, it certainly looks interesting. Drop me an email at info /at/ amnavigator and let’s talk about the “test drive”.

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