Affiliate Marketing Conferences, Conventions & Expos – 2011

As it has already become customary (my previous lists: 2009 and 2010), for the third time in a row I am putting together a list of the main affiliate marketing conferences, symposiums, conventions and expos that are going to be held in 2011.

As usual, I am using the * asterisk to mark the conferences that I have personally attended in the past, and/or highly recommend.

2011 Affiliate Marketing Conferences & Events

[Last updated: 09/16/2011 at 12:21 pm ET]

If I have missed an event that must be included in the above list, please let me know by posting about it in the “Comments” area under this post, and I will make sure it is also to the list.

2 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Conferences, Conventions & Expos – 2011”

  1. I think you can safely include BlogWorld in as I know more and more affiliates attending, however I don’t know the 2011 dates yet. It’s been in October I think every year though, so I guess it’s safe to say TBA October

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