5 Ways To Discover Great Content Online

Yesterday, after I tweeted out one of the links I’ve found of interest, I received the following question back:

After verifying that Eric is asking about the stuff I microblog it occurred to me that this would make a very nice blog post topic. After all, in the ocean of information many of us are struggling to narrow things down just to the most relevant, useful, and actionable stuff.

Here are the 10 methods that I recommend (and use myself):

  1. Stay focused in who you follow — This applies to the people you follow on Twitter and in your Facebook live feed, as well as the blog feeds and newsletters you’re subscribed to. “The more” is not always “the better”.
  2. Utilize Twitter lists — I use them daily; and I’ve shared a good number of candidates for topical digital marketing lists here.
  3. Subscribe to Paper.li newspapers — One of my personal favorites (which also a good example to use here) is a weekly Better Marketing Through Science by Jennifer Williams.
  4. Read industry magazines — I have a list of some good ones (some of which are free) for digital marketers here. Most of them have both hard-copy and online versions available.
  5. Interact!! — You can do all the reading and following you can, but unless you engage in conversations (through blog comments, asking questions on Facebook, and tweeting back to people on Facebook, etc) it’ll be hard for you to truly grow.

The above five help me personally (a) stay up-to-date on the news and developments in my industry, (b) always have topics to blog and microblog about, and (c) constantly expand my Rolodex of contacts. I am certain they can help you too, regardless of your niche/industry.

Have I missed the method(s) that help you? If so,  please do add through the “Comments” area below.

2 thoughts on “5 Ways To Discover Great Content Online”

  1. Hi Geno,
    Thanks for the tip on Paper.li newspapers. Google does like our sites to be “sociable”. So sharing content around does make sense for sure. I also look at the News pages when I do a search.

    Hey Geno, By the way I would like to let you know I have been linking to your site for some time. I think it is an excellent IM resource and I would be privileged if you would link to me too. My name is Catherine and my website is AffiliateMarketersCollege.Com

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