Top Picks in Affiliate Marketing and Program Management, August 2011

August has been a busy month, and now that the calendar autumn is already here (yes, happy September 1st, everyone!), I thought it would be nice to put together a list of AM Navigator‘s top picks for the previous month. So, here’s the (chronological) list:

  1. The Importance of (Realistic) Affiliate Incentive Programs by Rae Hoffman-Dolan
  2. Misconceptions About Affiliate Marketing by Rae Hoffman-Dolan
  3. The Sales Opportunities in Mobile Marketing by Liane Dietrich
  4. Why ISPs Are Hijacking Your Search Traffic & How They Profit From It by Jolie O’Dell
  5. Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day (video review) by Shawn Collins
  6. How to Reward Affiliates Based on Value by Matt Swan
  7. Communication in Affiliate Program Management: Best Practices Guide by yours truly
  8. The Foundation of a Successful Marketing Campaign by Todd Crawford
  9. Why Online / Offline Mobile Integration is Going to be a Huge Business by Mark Suster
  10. Industry Clash: Balancing CPS & CPA Marketing by Eric Nagel

Also, out of my posts on AM Navigator, per PostRank’s evaluation these three registered the highest reader engagement: (i)Interview with Marc Ostrofsky, Author of Get Rich Click, (ii)PPC Display URLs and Affiliate Direct Linking Are Interconnected, and (iii) Affiliate Marketing Has High Turnover and Low Chance of Success?

If I’ve missed a great article that should be mentioned here, please post about it through the “Comments” function below.

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