UK M-Commerce Report with Affiliate Marketing Twist

Earlier today a4u released an M-Commerce Report, detailing the UK’s latest m-commerce statistics, considerations, and opportunities both for brands and affiliates.

Here are just a few things that have caught my eye:

Affiliate-Driven Mobile Sales Doubled Since the Start of 2011

Per Affiliate Window‘s observations “at the start of the current year the mobile channel accounted for roughly 2% of sales” while “by August that proportion had risen to more than 5%”. Another way of looking at it is this: “with 77,000 mobile transactions taking place in August, the number of mobile sales has leaped by 12,000 in just one month.”

iPad Doubles Desktop Conversions

The report points out that about “4% of iPad traffic converts, compared to just under 2% of non mobile traffic” and “mobile, in general, is outperforming computer traffic with phone-sized iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices converting at around 2.5%”.

Mobile & Online to Offline Convergence in Affiliate Channel

Debenhams ran a mobile voucher trial with VoucherCloud and MyVoucherCodes, and out of all other marketing channels employed “Affiliate Marketing was the highest performing channel … driving 57% of in-store sales revenue.”

The opportunity is obviously there, and not only for UK merchants and affiliates, but also for marketers working out of (and in) the United States, and other countries.

The full report is available for a free download at

2 thoughts on “UK M-Commerce Report with Affiliate Marketing Twist”

  1. A very timely article Geno.

    Most affiliates do not (yet) have the expertise to develop mobile-centric applications that coupled with the roaming nature of the devices themselves could let us see many genuinely customer empowering applications that will to an extent dislodge the desktop as the affiliate marketplace.

    I develop for the Accommodation affiliate sector and most (if not all) of the larger players have very little innovation even at the desktop level.

    I believe the time has come for some entrepreneurial individual (myself :)) to develop a “killer” affiliate application for the mobile universe.

    This market is going to be huge and we are still right at the birth, plenty of scope for able individuals.

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