Invited to Keynote Software Conference in China

Two weeks ago, shortly after delivering my keynote address at a conference in Israel, I agreed to keynote another international conference, and took my passport to an embassy in Washington, DC.

Today I’ve received my passport back, and you may see a part of my visa on the left.

Yes, my next stop is China. It’s exciting, and I’m already very much looking forward to it; especially that the conference is being organized by Avangate, a company which was among the first ones to publish a full interview with me a couple of years ago.

Avangate offers several services, one of them being an affiliate marketing platform for numerous software vendors.

The Avangate Global Software Selling Conference — which will be held on November 19, 2011 in Beijing — is going to gather both software developers/vendors and software-selling affiliates, aiming to motivate and equip them to perform better in the space. You may learn more about the conference by clicking the screenshot below. Once again, I’m excited and looking forward to it.

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    1. Sounds like you’re only 140 km or so away from Beijing, Shen Zhang. The conference’s Chinese website may be found at Hoping you’ll be able to make it.

      On a separate note, congratulations on buying the domain that I’ve decided to let go. Best of luck with it, and don’t forget my books on affiliate marketing too.

      1. I’ll be there to join the conference , and looking forward to meet you there , November 19 , It’s may be a little bit cold in Beijing , so please take some warmer clothes.By the way ,Welcome to China, I think you’ll like it .Don’t worry about the translation , the people there may all can speak English .

        Hey, why not send me one of your affiliate marketing books ? haha

        1. Yes, I’ve heard (from a friend) that it’s gonna be cold in Beijing. But it’s -1°C outside my window now. So, I’m ready.

          As for the books, I will have a few with me, but you’ll have to do something to get one. You’ll find out at the end of my speech. 😉

  1. I know u talk russian and english,.
    Do u talk chinese? the conference gonna be in chinese with no translation to english or minimum

    1. Yes, Ciprian, this is going to be my first time visiting China. With the proximity of the Great Wall, Beijing seems like a perfect first place to visit there. I’ve already planned a day-trip to the Wall right after the conference… Already checked in. Flying out in just 21 hours…

  2. Hi Geno,

    Nice to meet you. I just googled your blog out, how was the conference in China? Was it like anything you’ve seen in the U.S? My company is expanding to China, we are an affiliate network, we are currently building our own Chinese offer. I would really appreciate if you could give me any suggestions of the Chinese affiliate market, or if you could give me any referrals.

    Thank you so much!


    1. Jennifer, the trip went well (I blogged about it here), and so did the conference. It was a very niche one — focused on selling software. The Chinese affiliate market is certainly showing some promising growth there. I myself don’t work with the Chinese much. So, I’m afraid, I can’t be of much help here.

  3. Hi Geno, thank you anyway! We are going to be Shanghai for the SES Shanghai, we are definitely opening our office in Beijing by April. Next time when you go to China, please let me know, maybe we can grab a drink!

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