New Brand Claims Google Instant for Competitive Key Phrase

Quick timeline:

Analyzing the keywords that drive traffic to the website I see an interesting picture:

I do realize that among those (not provided) keywords many, in fact, may be searching for this key phrase too. Yet, even without those, the situation looks more than impressive… “But how, in the world, does a brand new business name gain such tremendous brand recognition over such a short period of time?” I wondered.

And yesterday I’ve found the answer. It is probably not so much “brand recognition” that we should be talking here, but something different (and equally impressive) — a new brand claiming a Google Instant match for affiliate management key phrase. Look at this:

Having realized that Google Instant may be showing these to me, because my recent browsing behavior may suggest that affiliate management days is of more interest to me than, say, affiliate management agency, I ran this by five other people across the country. And it appears that just as myself in Virginia, folks in the states of California, New York, and Massachusetts also see the same picture. So “days” have indeed beaten “agency” in Google Instant. Very interesting (and certainly pleasing to see).

On a separate note, speaking of the Days: the Early Bird Rate for the San Francisco conference expires at midnight PST today (Friday, January 20). So, if you’re seriously contemplating going, register soon to save $620 off your pass.

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