Proactive Affiliate Management and Communication

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A few months ago, at an affiliate marketing conference in Israel, while discussing foundations of affiliate marketing success I touched upon the subject of proactive affiliate program management.

I’m afraid that we hear (and use) the phrase so frequently that it is quickly turning into a cliché (or a phrase that is losing its true effect and meaning as a result of its overuse). So what is “proactive management” exactly? And how do we achieve it in the context of affiliate program management — specifically on the communications front? Here’s a quick video to answer these questions:

So, in short, being a proactive affiliate program manager (or any manager, really) means “acting in ancitipation of future problems, needs of changes”. In any management context a large part of it is being covered by building a healthy two-way communication channel (with followers, affiliates, subordinates, superiors… doesn’t matter).

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