Affiliate Summit West 2012 Feedback Received

If you’ve been to Affiliate Summits, you know that as you enter the room to attend any session (be it a keynote presentation, a breakout session, or an “Ask the Experts” one), you are handed a feedback form. I love the way they’re encouraging people to participate in the betterment of the event by providing (a) their ranking of both content and presentation (both on 10-point scales), and (b) their comments/suggestions too. Not only does this information help the organizers (to select the best possible speakers for their next event(s)), but it is also of tremendous help for every speaker — helping them improve their speaking and presentation skills.

I have just received the feedback on my Affiliate Summit West 2012 presentation which, as you may remember, I did on Advanced Affiliate Management Presentation [highlights and slides here]. Nearly 50 attendees filled out their feedback forms after/during my session; and more than half entered additional comments, which are always invaluable to me.

Here are all (both positive and negative) comments that I have received (original spelling and format retained):

  1. Really enjoyed the speaker.  Full of great ideas and very knowledgeable
  2. Best session speaker!  Very organized!
  3. Best session so far
  4. He was full of incredible information
  5. Like that he introduced himself and work he’s done before presentation.  Like that he told auidience to use mike for questions so hall can hear (not all presenters do this)
  6. Excellent speaker!
  7. Great as always!
  8. Geno was extremely knowledgeable & helpful.
  9. Good overview.  More basic than advanced
  10. Very informative, organized well.  Speaker sped through slides slightly but that’s ok.  Having copy of preso on his blog is helpful.
  11. One smart dude.  Very easy to follow.
  12. Very useful and practical!
  13. Great session!
  14. Thank you for all the scenarios and solutions to those issues.
  15. Geno went straight to the problems, identified it and gave a solution.
  16. Great insight
  17. Spoke very fast
  18. Very helpful & targeted towards merchants.
  19. Best content so far for Aff mgrs!  Best of show.  THX.  Adware TOS nice
  20. Great session  great book
  21. Most valuable content for me, to-date.
  22. I would like the session to be on a higher level, more advanced content.  I find the subjects very basic.
  23. Geno’s great.  Probably shouldn’t have read the book prior to the talk though.  Ha.
  24. The session was very slow and some of the information on the slides was too small and too crowded to read.

I just love that #24! In comparison with #10 and #17, and knowing that I did speed through the slides (to make sure as much ground is covered — both more foundational, and more advanced) assuring the listeners that they will get access to my full slide-deck and all the key links on the evening of the same day, it almost seems like a feedback form from some other session got into “my” pile.

Either way, great to receive this; and looking forward to speaking at Affiliate Summits in the future. It is always a treat.

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