Commission Junction Now Allows Merchants to Bulk Upload Text Links

For years I’ve pleaded with affiliate networks to follow ShareASale’s example and allow merchants to mass-upload creatives. A couple of weeks ago I’ve once again exchanged messages with Commission Junction (this time on Twitter):

Yesterday I’ve noticed that CJ has introduced a new sleek “Links” interface, and has also made banner upload a little easier; and while I don’t yet see a bulk upload function for banners, I was happy to see that they’ve started offering such a function for text links:

The above is a very good first step, as it simplifies the process of providing affiliates with those important deep links (the ones that many paid search, content and other types of affiliates appreciate having). Hoping to see a bulk upload function for other types of creatives soon too. Oh, and mass edit function would also be a good one to have!

2 thoughts on “Commission Junction Now Allows Merchants to Bulk Upload Text Links”

  1. I have the same feeling as yours and I think the newly lauched streamlined interface is more convenient 🙂

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