How To Use "Affiliate Program" Page to Recruit Affiliates

Yesterday, Shopify has put together a good post on how to use “About” pages to increase sales. As I was reading through it I was reminded of how many merchants who run affiliate programs either (a) have lousy “Affiliate Program” pages, or (b) don’t have any such pages at all, and simply redirect that “Affiliates” or “Affiliate Program” link to their affiliate network-based sign up forms.

Please take a critical look at your affiliate program description page now, asking yourself the following 3 questions:

1. Am I using claims and/or clichés that turn affiliates off?

2. Am I covering the points and criteria that affiliates really care about?

3. Am I committing any of the common mistakes that others make in descriptions?

You want to be CMP (Concrete, Motivating, and Practical), and, of course, never forget the three Ps (Proofread, Preview, and Provide Options).

Don’t lose the tremendous affiliate recruitment opportunity that you have. While wondering about merchant-specific affiliate opportunities, at least one in three affiliates will first check the merchant’s website. Make sure they find exactly that they’re looking for!

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