Affiliate Marketing Opportunities in the Evolving Online Landscape

Last Friday I posted the first of my videos shot for Google Affiliate Network Client Summit 2012, preceding it with a comment that “I have shot four videos” total for Google, and that they were shot “in three different countries.” To remind you, each of the videos answers one specific question, and each was limited to 1 minute or thereabout.

So, today, I’d like to bring you the video about which Angel Djambazov, Editor-in-Chief and good friend, tweeted from the Summit:

In that video response I addressed the question of “innovations and opportunities in today’s evolving marketing landscape.” And yes, there were both a history parallel, and “snazzy shades” involved too (there’s just no other way when you’re shooting in the middle of summer, in full sun, in Chișinău, Moldova, my hometown… oh, it was well over 110°F in the sun that day!) See for yourself:

In a nutshell, I see that when it comes to true innovations size really does not matter. I see individual affiliates compete well with large affiliate companies — especially when it comes to such three channels as (1) Social, (2) Mobile, and (3) Location-based marketing. These are the areas where, I believe, opportunities lay for affiliate marketers today — both in channel-specific marketing, and especially when they are converged.

What do you think/see?

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