Small Business Influencer 2012 Awards: Vote for Affiliate Marketers

It’s that time of the year when the small business community is voting for Small Business Influencers of the year. As some of you may remember, I was nominated last year, but didn’t quite make the final cut. However, even the “honorable mention” was a true honor (forgive the repetition).

This year I am thrilled to see that I’m up there again (it is also really good to see them rename the 2011 “Gurus” category into “Experts” in 2012).

Furthermore, it is good to see a number of other affiliate marketing-related folks up there too. Here is the list of all the ones I could find:

So, vote for your favorite affiliate marketers there (remembering that the voting is open through August 5, 2012). Your support of me specifically would certainly be much appreciated (if, of course, you appreciate the work that I do through this blog, articles, books, conference presentations, etc). So, many thanks in advance for that.

The Small Business Influencer 2012 awards gala will be held in New York City on October 17, 2012 hosted by New York XPO Small Business Conference.

2 thoughts on “Small Business Influencer 2012 Awards: Vote for Affiliate Marketers”

  1. You have my vote Geno. I just got your practical guide to affiliate marketing book. I’m only a couple of pages in and I’m already impressed. great stuff.

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