Affiliate Marketing Programs and Channel Attribution

And the day has come for me to bring you my fourth, and last, video in the series of the ones shot for Google Affiliate Network Client Summit 2012 [in case you’ve missed the previous ones, they may be found here: video 1 on the Future of Affiliate Marketing | video 2 on Opportunities & Innovations | video 3 on International Expansion].

In this final video response I was given one minute to express my thoughts on the importance (and future of) analytics and channel attribution in/for affiliate marketing. The below video response was shot in the city center of Kiev, Ukraine — right before going to Sweden vs England Euro 2012 game (by the colors of my shirt you can tell I was originally planning on joining my brother in rooting for Sweden; but then couldn’t help but support England, the country where I lived there for nearly 5 years, got my better education from, and bloody love it dearly!):

I believe, the question is not whether you should be measuring or analyzing or not… You absolutely must take your analytics seriously! The question is how are you gonna do it? I encourage you to select your tools wisely, to set meaningful goals, and to measure relevant KPIs (so that your decisions are rooted in the right soil). Also, when it comes to your affiliate program, beyond everything make sure that in the affiliate eyes they are compensated the fair way, and that your affiliate program stays competitive.

So, in a nutshell, my stance hasn’t changed since this post back in January: by all means do engage in it “as long as (a) you know what you’re doing, and (b) your affiliate program stays competitive.”

With that… good luck to your team!!

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