Popup Generates 69% Less Clicks Than In-Post Ad in Half the Time

Not too long ago, upon a friend’s recommendation, I’ve decided to give a new WordPress plugin a try. It was Super Popup, a neat little tool for creation and management of popups in a blog.

I must admit that in five and a half years of blogging, I have never served my readers a single popup. …Until a couple of weeks ago.

Based on my (very limited; but compelling enough of an) experience with popups, I will probably never use popups again.

I’ve run a basic level split test, serving two identical ads to my blog’s readers: one (version A) in a popup, another (version B) as a call to action inside of a blog post dedicated to the subject.

Version A (popup ad)

  • Ran for nearly 9 days
  • Seen by 4,212 visitors
  • Generated 14 unique hits

Version B (in-text ad)

  • Ran for 4.5 days
  • Seen by 2,373 visitors
  • Generated 45 unique hits

Here’s the corresponding screenshot:

Popup vs In-text Ad

In half the time the in-post ad generated 3.2 times more clicks than the not-so-annoying* popup. Of course, I could do more testing. But it seems like a no-brainer to me. Better do a dedicated blog post on a topic than pop up your message in your readers’ faces.

* Bounce rate, actually, increased (by ≈2.4%) once the popup functionality was turned off.

1 thought on “Popup Generates 69% Less Clicks Than In-Post Ad in Half the Time”

  1. I think pop up ads have become so popluar on web pages that people find them annoying and click off them straight away with out even looking. I do the same. I next to never look at a pop up and find them extremely annoying when i’m in the middle of reading something.

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