Affiliates, Guinea Pigs and Conversion Rate Optimization

Build it and they will come” has been a wrong approach to website promotion and online marketing in general, and way wrong of an approach to affiliate program management in particular.

Three years ago a veteran affiliate marketer, Todd Farmer, pleaded: “Merchants, don’t use affiliates as Guinea pigs,” implying: don’t start an affiliate program until you know that your website is optimized to convert. Today I am thrilled to bring you a video (shot over Skype and across the Atlantic; so pardon the quality) where he interviewed me (as a part of Affiliate Summit Speaker Preview series) on this very topic:

So, just a month from now I am speaking at Affiliate Summit East 2013 (ASE13) in Philadelphia. In my solo presentation I will tackle the subject of conversion rate optimization in the affiliate context, suggesting conversion improvement techniques that merchants may implement to increase click-to-sale/lead conversion of affiliate-referred traffic. I hope to see you there!

You may also see my “teaser” type article (which has a few of the think I will discuss during my session) in the newest issue of FeedFront Magazine (on page 32, right before ASE13 agenda).

FeedFront issue 23

The magazine is still being printed, but you may already view it online here.

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