The Winners of the Free Affiliate Summit Passes Are…

With Affiliate Summit East 2013 coming up in just four weeks, today I am thrilled to announce the two winners of the free passes that anyone could win by contributing a conversion optimization tip in the course of 44 days.

We’ve received 5 really thoughtful contributions, and I’m glad I didn’t have to make the call (it would’ve been a tough one), but could use a randomizer instead.

So… the winners of the Affiliate Summit East 2013 pass drawing are:

Affiliate Summit pass winners

Kush suggested (i) attributing affiliate commissions based on the click-stream behavior, and also (ii) looking into responsive designs websites. He proposed:

Implementing a Leapfrog feature on ShareASale to pay commissions based on the click-stream behavior. The rule has proved helpful in rewarding the proper referrer over last minute cookie snipers (increasing conversion of value added partners).

Sample rule: commissioned click must be less than or equal to X minute use oldest contiguous click. Previous affiliate click must be greater than X minute to generate a leapfrog transaction. Where X stands for however long it usually takes complete a transaction.

Also, quick responsive websites help both merchants and affiliates in a lot of ways. [link to original comment]

Courtney‘s suggestion was two-fold: (i) profiling affiliates, matching the type of the affiliate with a conversion-boosting merchant’s effort, and (ii) co-branded banners. She wrote:

I think there are many factors that you have to think about when referring to this question…

  1. If an affiliate site is a coupon, mall, or donation site, having a co-branded landing page helps conversions tremendously. 2% – 10% depending on the site personality.
  2. Custom co-branded banners also are effective in driving more clicks and creates a since of continuity between the affiliate site and the customer site. [link to comment]

Congratulations to the winners (check your email, and let me know if, on some reason, you cannot make it — so that your prize moves to the next person in line) and many thanks to all participants! See you in Philadelphia soon!

6 thoughts on “The Winners of the Free Affiliate Summit Passes Are…”

  1. Geno,
    Thanks again for the opportunity. Excited to head out to ASE and take in the sessions and other events. I really enjoy the info on your blog and opportunities like this!

    Thank you for being kind enough to pass it over. Maybe I’ll see you in Philly and I can thank you in person.

  2. Thanks again for the opportunity Geno! It doesn’t look like i’ll make it to ASE this year. I appreciate winning the free ticket and congrats to the next person in line!


  3. We have a truly amazing situation here. Kush‘s pass went to Priest (who has already used the code to register). And since Wojtek cannot make it, Courtney‘s pass goes to Emily (who can and wants to come). In other words, every single participant of the above contest ended up having a 100% chance to get a pass. Congratulations to all then!

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