Need an Affiliate Marketing Mentor/Coach? Consider LinkedIn!

Yesterday I received the following message:

I am interested to know if you have a coaching program for affiliate marketing. I have some money to invest and want to give this the best attempt I can. If you have any coaching program available for students, I am very interested. Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

I get these types of questions/requests quite frequently, so I replied quickly (you’ll soon learn what I wrote); but a day later I went to Google and searched for “affiliate marketing coach

affiliate marketing mentor

To my (pleasant) surprise one of the top matches was from Quora, and read like this:

 affiliate marketing coach

I am honored (thank you, Rahul). However, I do not do much one-on-one mentoring these days (unless we are talking corporate training) and there, actually, is a way to get my online mentoring without spending more than what anyone should spend on this.

Coincidentally, it so happened that two days ago a marketer from India tweeted:

The above was exactly what I recommended to the above-referenced seeker of affiliate marketing training.

Back in late 2013, a company that educates via video courses, announced integration of their course completion certificates with LinkedIn [more here]. In July 2015 my 27-videos affiliate marketing course came out. In April of 2015 LinkedIn acquired, starting to encourage its members to include certificates of completion on their profiles.

So, if you are looking for entry level coaching on affiliate marketing, do consider my Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals course which will not only give you the knowledge you’re looking for, but also help you enhance your LinkedIn profile.

Affiliate Marketing Video Lessons

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  1. Princella, good question! My courses were recorded in a way that keeps them relevant and current for a long time. When an update is due, Lynda initiates a re-shoot. I guess, it’s based on user feedback.

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