How to Create the Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Tool Kit for Your Affiliates

Today we’re going to talk about how to create the ultimate tool kit for your affiliates. The tool kit we describe today will be in the form of a PDF info packet. This tool kit, or info packet, will contain information to help your affiliates write better content promoting your products.

Below we’ve highlighted the eight main sections of an ultimate affiliate tool kit.

About Us

Who are you as a merchant? What is your mission? What are your goals? Where are you from/located? These questions can all be answered in an “About Us” section within your info packet and can help give affiliates greater insight into your company and potentially give them some additional reasons for choosing to promote your product(s).

Product Specs

product specifications for affiliate marketingIt’s important to have a section in your info packet to dive into the specs of your product(s). Get really detailed. List out sizes, measurements, number of SKUs, etc. This section is going to vary greatly from merchant to merchant but the main idea is to provide your affiliates with additional information about your product(s) that can help them write a more informative article or post promoting what you’re selling.

Product Highlights, Features and Benefits

Along with going into detail on the specs of your product(s), it’s also valuable to include information on any features and benefits you provide to your customers. These could end up being selling points that affiliates can use to sway customers to click through and convert a purchase on your site.

Some examples of features and benefits that you want to make sure to cover in your tool kit are any warranties associated with your product(s), trial periods or money back guarantees, shipping times, and return policies. If you have a way that you can offer free shipping, make sure to mention that! If you have a product that’s famous for a long trial period or powerful warranty, make sure to include those details in this section. These kind of product highlights, features, and benefits, when positive, can end up acting as additional salesmen for you and your affiliates.

Press Releases

press release for affiliate marketingPress release content is a great thing to share with affiliates and should definitely be included within your affiliate tool kit if you have it. By providing an example of a press release or a sample of one you give your affiliates insight into how you, the merchant, see your company and choose to promote it. This is very helpful for your affiliates because it can give them ideas on how to best sell your product(s).

Sample Product Reviews

Some of the most successful affiliate content that is out there today is product reviews. Before consumers make a purchase they like to see what other people are saying about the products and a positive endorsement often helps push customers over the edge to complete a sale. If you provide your affiliates with some sample product reviews in your tool kit then they can get an idea for what people are saying about the product and structure their own potential review in a similar way.

Taglines and Key Marketing Phrases

For Nike it’s “Just Do It.” For Gatorade it’s “Is it in you.” Capital One used “What’s In Your Wallet?” Most companies use taglines like this and other marketing phrases to help sell their product(s), but not every merchant has taglines that are these recognizable. Instead of keeping you taglines and marketing phrases a secret, share them with your affiliates in your tool kit! A section with bullet pointed phrases and taglines can be very helpful for affiliates as they put the finishing stamp on their content.


You want to make sure your tool kit is complete with many images of your product(s) and other imagery that could be useful for affiliates and easy for them to pull out with a simple screenshot to add to their content.

Contact Info

Lastly, make sure there is a contact section in the tool kit that reiterates your contact information so your affiliates never need to look too far to find a way to get in touch with you. Personal relationships are important within the world of affiliate marketing so you always want make sure you’re making it easy for affiliates to get ahold of you whenever they have any questions or concerns.

Good luck with your affiliate program management efforts and feel free to email us or comment below with any ideas or questions.

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