10 Affiliate Marketing Bloggers to Keep an Eye On in 2012

It’s been some time since my Top 20 Affiliate Marketing Bloggers to Watch in 2011 post. And besides the fact that one of these twenty has claimed her Affiliate Summit’s best blogger award (Tricia Meyer, who is now inspired to reach new blogging heights, and, of course, belongs on my below list), a few other things have happened too.

In fact, the landscape of affiliate blogosphere has been changing almost as dynamically as the industry itself. In the course of late 2011 I’ve spotted quite a few bloggers gaining steam. The spectrum ranges from the fairly new ones to affiliate marketing blogging to those who have been quiet for some time, and are now back in the game. All of these guys (and gals!) deserve a list of their own — one for 2012.

So here we go (again, in alphabetical order, and with everyone’s Twitter handle listed):

10 Affiliate Marketing Bloggers to Watch in 2012

1. Sarah Bundy: SarahBundy.com Blog | Twitter

2. Dave Cupples: FatCowBusiness.com | Twitter

3. Existem’s Team: Affiliates4U News | Twitter

4. Sam Harrelson: SamHarrelson.com Blog | Twitter

5. Impact Radius’ Team: ImpactRadius Blog | Twitter

6. Scott Jangro: Jangro.com Site | Twitter

7. HasOffers’ Team: HasOffers Blog | Twitter

8. Owen Hewitson: Econsultancy Blog posts | Twitter

9. Tricia Meyer: Tricia.me Blog | Twitter

10. Shannon Weidemann: Marketing Elf Blog | Twitter

If I’ve missed your favorite affiliate marketing blogger (especially, if you believe them to be a rising star!) please do mention them in the Comments below.

17 thoughts on “10 Affiliate Marketing Bloggers to Keep an Eye On in 2012”

  1. Wow, Geno, thank you for including me on this list with all these amazing people. I am excited about 2012 and all the progressions of the affiliate marketing space. Here’s to making a difference!

    1. I really love the posts that Impact Radius’ team has been putting up on the company’s blog since August 2011. Much needed, high quality blogging. Keep it up!

    1. You’re most welcome, Chris. I consider that “news” section of your website (which is run more like a blog, really) an exemplary affiliate marketing blog. And I really like what you’ve done with it in 2011. Glad you’re expanding your writing staff, and looking forward to learning more from you, guys (it’s not “mates” in this case, is it? I’m confused). 🙂

  2. Many thanks, I will keep an eye on these bloggers.
    Only ‘ve been in affiliateland for 3 months now, but allready learned a big deal by following some dutch blogs.


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