Tips (for Social Media Affiliates) to Get Your Application Approved

Did you know that Facebook is headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica? Neither did I. But at the first glance the below affiliate application makes it appear just like this:

While many affiliate managers and merchants/advertisers are still very cautions about affiliates who use social as their primary method of promotion (and understandably so!), there are ways to increase your chances of being approved into an affiliate program. In a nutshell, do everything contrary to how the above affiliate has done it. Here’s what I would want you to do/show me (if I were the one reviewing your application):

  1. List your (or your company’s) name;
  2. Do not use generic URL (e.g. like above, or, or but the URL of/for your profile, fan/brand page, etc;
  3. If the social medium’s URL is the only one that you have to list, it may not cut it. Many will prefer that you have your own website where you describe what you do;
  4. Make a good use of that “site description” field (on some networks it would be called “promotional methods” or you would have space for “comments”), briefly explaining how (and to whom) you are planning on marketing the merchant;
  5. If possible, stay away from free email addresses.

I’m sure other affiliate managers’ expectations would be similar to mine. Remember, you may not get the second chance to make that first impression!

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As always, if I have missed something, feel free to chime in with your comments below.

2 thoughts on “Tips (for Social Media Affiliates) to Get Your Application Approved”

  1. #3 is really critical. Beyond the transparency you mention, it also indicates that the affiliate has some genuine value to add. If they’ve invested in their own website, it’s more likely that they’re professionally committed to the idea. And that they’re ready to contribute!

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