Affiliate Toolbars, Adware and Malware: 19 Resources to Study

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You will hear them called “adware,” “malware,” “parasiteware,” and “spyware;” you will see them come in forms of toolbars, browser plugins, BHOs, pop-ups, and pop-unders. As Harvard’s Ben Edelman would say, “the techniques vary, but the key tactic is the same” — “finding a way to get between the user and the merchant, in order to claim Read More …

An Invisible Thief: Affiliate Adware and Plugins

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The best affiliates are highly motivated to make sales and use whatever tools available to interest potential customers, including ever-developing technologies and apps. Although this is generally a good thing for the merchant, affiliate managers must be discerning which promotional methods are acceptable and which are not. Several types of software and browser plugins can Read More …

Surprising Example of (Toolbar) Affiliate Transparency

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Yesterday, when blogging about the importance of affiliate-merchant transparency (and setting the right merchants’ expectations right from the start of affiliate’s relationships with merchants) I had no clue that on the very next day I will have to put together a “Part 2” in continuation of that post. Today a toolbar affiliate, which was covered Read More …

BrandVerity’s PoachMark Now Also Analyzes Affiliate Toolbars

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Earlier this week an email came from BrandVerity, the developers of PoachMark, a famous tool of catching paid search violations. The email read: We’re happy to unveil a great new resource available to all Poachmark customers, at no additional cost! Our staff has been hard at work developing informational Affiliate Toolbar Profiles. Downloadable affiliate toolbars Read More …

Walmart Affiliate Program Now Prohibits Parasitic Behaviors

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One would think that it is common sense to have a separate section prohibiting parasitic affiliate behaviors in your affiliate program and your program agreement. However, even larger online merchants sometimes do not do so. First of all, this makes them significantly more vulnerable to rogue affiliates. Secondly, it makes it harder to fight such Read More …

Kellie Stevens Publishes Two Free Public Adware Reports

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Today Kellie Stevens of has published her first free public adware reports: The two reports that are already available are: (i) A report on AllFreeCoupons, a Firefox add-on which displays coupon/deal notifications when the visitor is on a website that may have such available, and also offers the website visitor to share the deal Read More … or How Affiliate Marketing Gets Hurt

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Let me start with a story, a true story. I hosted a table at the last Affiliate Summit’s Meet Market. Meet Markets are networking events held for the purpose of affiliates, merchants, affiliate networks, outsourced affiliate program managers, and other agencies to “meet-and-greet” each other during the first day of the conference. At one point Read More …