Affiliate Recruitment Case Study: How to Find New CJ Publishers

A month ago I blogged about a new structure-based affiliate recruitment tool offered by Commission Junction (CJ) to advertisers who run their affiliate programs on their network.

Since then CJ has improved the “Search” function, expanding it to include all affiliates (including new ones) on the network, and not only those that have a ranking of 4 bars and/or higher.

Additionally, having had the time to experiment with this tool in several affiliate programs that we manage on Commission Junction, I’d like to present you with some data that other advertisers and affiliate managers may find of interest (similarly to, say, this post of mine on ShareASale structure-based affiliate recruitment opportunities). So, here is my case study for today:

Structure-Based Affiliate Recruitment Case Study


Key metrics in the below case study are kept in tact, while sensitive data (such as the advertiser’s name, commission payouts, or even the advertiser’s niche) has been modified or not disclosed.


Affiliate network offers a tool to find prospective affiliates and extend invitations to join your affiliate program.

Actions Undertaken:

In a program with a tiered commission payout, we have created private program terms (read: invisible unless we choose to push the offer to an affiliate) with a flat rate commission 25% higher than the highest possible level within the tiered structure (e.g. default tiers: 8%-10%, private terms: 12.5%)

We have pushed the offer to over 100 affiliates from 3 groups:

  1. Known super affiliates (from across different segments/types),
  2. Affiliates that own websites directly related to the advertiser’s niche,
  3. Affiliates that cater to the audience of the advertiser’s interest

Important: no email/message accompanied the offer push.


12 days later, we see the following results (rounded to the nearest tenth):

  • 22.3%accepted offer (joined the affiliate program)
  • 3.9%declined our offer
  • 73.8% – still pending


Targeted structure-based affiliate recruitment is an effective method of finding (and reaching out to) new affiliates. For maximum output, however, you want to enhance your affiliate network-based affiliate recruitment campaign(s) with (i) a private commission offer, (ii) a personalized message accompanying the offer extension, and (iii) remember to follow up (both with those that declined, and those that haven’t reacted).

3 thoughts on “Affiliate Recruitment Case Study: How to Find New CJ Publishers”

  1. Hello dear,
    I am Chandra.Nice to meet you.I have one doubt regarding commissions in commission junction.I cannot see the calculations of commissions everyday in report section.What may be the reason?Does Commission junction calculates commissions only on week and month?Just please reply me soon.Thanks..Waiting for your reply.

    1. Chandra, whether the commissions are updated/posted in real-time or not will depend on the specifics of how the merchant/advertiser works with Commission Junction. I would recommend contacting CJ’s support team with your particular question/concern. Open a ticket with them. They are, normally, pretty fast in replying to these.

  2. Finding publishers is difficult, with a 74% pending rate from the CJ recruitment process, this tells me they just dont open emails enough, although email is the preferred method of recruitment, how else can we get our hands on publishers contact info?

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