The Reason Why Pay-Per-Call Affiliates Do Not Join Your Program

For advertisers that take orders over the phone a pay per call program is a must. It will draw impressive conversion rates (always higher than what affiliate click referrals will yield) and higher average order value (1.5 to 2 times higher than purely click/online-oriented campaigns), complementing your PPS and/or PPL affiliate program nicely.

Broken linkHowever, when setting up PPCall campaigns, many merchants commit a mistake that becomes detrimental to the recruitment of pay per call marketers into the program. A common mistake is to implement the affiliate’s unique phone number (read more about how PPCall works here) on the creative(s), but not on the landing page(s).

In the event that the end user decides to click a pay per call ad (instead of calling right away) — to learn more about your product/offer — make sure that you have the phone number carried along to the landing page!

As one affiliate wrote to us recently:

If the number doesn’t carry forward, I could spend the money to get the lead interested, then they call the generic 800 number and I would get no credit for the sale or call.  So I avoid programs that do not carry forward the promo number.

Having the landing page carry the same number as the original affiliate/publisher ad (to avoid leakage) seems to be common sense. However, as Voltaire once put it, unfortuntely “common sense is not so common.” Make sure you have this one covered!

If you have an affiliate program, but not a pay per call one yet, email us or call us at 1-888-588-8866, and we’ll set one up for you.

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