Top 25 Affiliate Marketing Blog Posts of 2010

Top 25 postsI quite liked Econsultancy’s idea of putting together a list of the top blog posts of the year that’s coming to an end.

So, I’ve just finished analyzing all of my 2010 posts (yes, close to 350 articles altogether!) , and today I’d like to bring you just the most popular ones. I’ve relied on PostRank’s scoring system in this task, and  below you will see the 25 affiliate marketing posts that have generated the highest social engagement over 2010:

1. Online Guide to Affiliate Marketing [for Merchants] — An online guide on how to start and run an affiliate program

2. 35 Affiliate Marketing Predictions for 2011 — Twelve top notch affiliate marketers are giving their voicing out their predictions and expectations of 2011.

3. Top 20 Affiliate Plugins for WordPress — A compilation of 20 plugins affiliates may use to monetize their blogs and WordPress-based websites.

4. Digital Marketer’s Twitter 100+ Master List — A comprehensive list of people every digital marketer must follow on Twitter. Categories covered: web analytics, branding & PR, content, conversion optimization, mobile, reading & learning, research, and social media.

5. Affiliate Marketing: My Predictions for 2010 — These are especially interesting to re-read now that year is coming to an end.

6. Most Influential Affiliate Summit West 2011 Speakers — My attempt to arrange Affiliate Summit West 2011 speakers by their Klout scores (or social media influence).

7. Google Instant and Its Impact on Affiliate Marketing — Eight active affiliate marketers speak up their first thoughts on Google Instant, and what it may mean for affiliate marketing.

8. Pay Per Call Advertising Draws Impressive Conversions — Think that a steady conversion rate exceeding 20% is too good to wish for? It can actually come true with pay-per-call.

9. 9 Internet Marketing Magazines To Subscribe To — The title says it all (most of them are free too).

10. Most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niches — Post where I address the question of “Which niches are more profitable when it comes to make money being an affiliate?”

11. Interview with Jen Goode on Colorado Internet Sales Tax — One of my favorite affiliate marketers gives her perspective on the Internet sales tax bill, Amazon’s termination of Colorado affiliate accounts, and other related questions.

12. Effective Affiliate Recruitment Through Affiliates’ Eyes — Learn how affiliates themselves want to be find out about affiliate programs.

13. How to Read Affiliate Program Statistics & Calculate Commission — A “how to” post for merchants who are trying to determine how much to pay their affiliates and stay competitive.

14. Effectiveness of Online Video: CTR, Conversion & Other Data — Interesting data on online video. Relevant not only for affiliate marketers.

15. Affiliate Links — Third Most Popular Blog Monetization Method — According to Technorati in their popularity affiliate links beat paid postings, rich media ads, and is third only to display ads and search ads.

16. Affiliate Payments: Preferred Methods and Frequency — How often do affiliates want to be paid, and what are the most preferable methods of receiving their compensation? The answers are here.

17. European Affiliate Networks — A list of over 60 affiliate networks split by countries and regions of Europe.

18. ShareASale ThinkTank 2010: Recap in Pictures — Photo report on another excellent conference by ShareASale.

19. 2010 State Budget Shortfalls and Affiliate Tax — When it comes to state budget shortfalls, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 2010 is the worst year of this century. This will directly connect with more state looking towards affiliate tax.

20. How to Budget an Affiliate Marketing Program — Learn how to plan your budget for an affiliate program, and what expenses to keep in mind.

21. Best Platform for Affiliate Blogging — Which platform to choose: WordPress, TypePad, Blogger, Movable Type, or something else? The answer is in this post.

22. 10 Must Read Resources for Affiliate Summit Attendees —  Blog post put together a few days before Affiliate Summit East 2010. Represents a collection of other people’s online articles on how to get the most out of Affiliate Summits.

23. How To Guide to Affiliate Marketing [for Affiliates] — Practical online guide (100% free) to getting involved in affiliate marketing as an affiliate. Over 50 questions answered.

24. MLM Versus Affiliate Marketing — Regardless of what some may believe, they are not the same at all. Read about the drastic differences here.

25. Affiliate Application: Watch Out for These 10 Red Flags — Find out what should raise a red flag in an affiliate application.

Enjoy the above posts, and thank you, everyone, who read them, “liked” them on Facebook, tweeted and bookmarked them. Without this we would’ve never known which of them were most engaging.

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